We will offer our professional expertise to help you create the best possible prototype. After agreeing on materials, product specifications, delivery time and inspection criteria, Quintus can often produce a prototype in about six weeks time.
Quintus has over 25 years experience machining carbon fiber in addition to metals. In many cases, parts combine both carbon fiber and metals to meet specific performance criteria.
Component assembly involves combining various parts to meet the customer‘s finished product specification. It can be as simple as a single material or the combination of many materials. In fabricating parts, Quintus routinely uses a variety of materials and resins. Each provide specific benefits dictated by the requirements of product use and individual customer requirements. These materials include, but are not limited to: carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar aramid, aluminum honeycomb, balsa and foam cores, epoxy, urethane elastomers, vinylesters and polyester resins. Standard industry processes are employed to achieve best results for each application. Examples include: compression molding, RTM, VARTM, contact lay-up, vacuum bagging, foam processing, and composite sandwich structures.
Quintus has the capability to pad print smaller parts for product identification or instructional information. For medical parts, we use inks that are biocompatible and can withstand multiple autoclave cycles.
Laser etching is best for marking parts and components for traceability, logo identification and instructional use information.